Supported filesystems

Supported filesystems

euBackups can back up any filesystem that is accessible from the operating system where the agent is installed. For example, Agent for Windows can back up and recover an ext4 file system if the corresponding ext4 driver is installed in Windows.

The following table summarises the file systems that can be backed up and recovered (bootable media supports only recovery). The limitations apply to both the agents and bootable media.

File system Supported by Limitations


Bootable media for Windows and Linux

Bootable media for Mac


All agents



No limitations








Agent for Mac - +


- +
  • Supported starting with macOS High Sierra 10.13
  • Disk configuration should be re-created manually when recovering to a non-original machine or bare metal.


Agent for Linux

+ -
  • Files cannot be excluded from a disk backup
  • Fast incremental/ differential backup cannot be enabled





+ -
  • Files cannot be excluded from a disk backup
  • Fast incremental/ differential backup cannot be enabled
  • Volumes cannot be resized during a recovery


All agents + +


+ +

Linux swap

Agent for Linux + - No limitations


All agents


Bootable media cannot be used for recovery if the backup is stored on exFAT

  • Only disk/volume backup is supported
  • Files cannot be excluded from a backup
  • Individual files cannot be recovered from a backup

The backup client software automatically switches to the sector-by-sector mode when backing up drives with unrecognised or unsupported file systems (for example, Btrfs). A sector-by-sector backup is possible for any file system that:

  • is block-based
  • spans a single disk
  • has a standard MBR/GPT partitioning scheme

If the file system does not meet these requirements, the backup fails.

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